Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a limited 2-year Manufacturer’s warranty on our vanity boxes. Damages and wear and tear are not covered.

We offer a limited 1-year Manufacturer’s warranty on our vanity tops. Damages and wear and tear are not covered.

We also have a lifetime warranty on the hardware (slides and hinges), although labour is not covered.

Yes! All of our products are proudly made in Ontario, Canada.

We highly recommend using a qualified, experienced contractor or plumber to install your vanity. Floating vanities must use at least 4 lag bolts at each corner of the vanity and mounted on wall studs. Linen Towers and Medicine cabinets must also use 3 to 4 lag bolts and mounted on wall studs.

The contractor or plumber needs to use construction adhesive, and leave it to set for 24 hours. Make sure the top is secure before use.

The surface of polyester laminates may be cleaned with a damp cloth, ordinary soap and water, or, if considered necessary, with a general-purpose household cleaner. Recommended Household Cleaners: Mr. Clean®, Pledge®, Windex®, Fantastik®, Formula 409®, TOP JOB®, Glass Plus®, Dawn®

Our quartz comes sealed from our supplier, but depending on use, we recommend sealing it every 6 months to a year. Not sealing your quartz top regularly will lead to water damage and stains. Clean your quartz top with a cloth and mild soap – do not use any ammonia, detergent or chemicals.

If you are using a Bluvano floating vanity please make sure that the water pressure is not too high. Different sink types, especially shallower sinks, require different water pressures to ensure no water damage occurs. Please keep this in mind when installing your new vanity.

No. Please keep in mind that with any product, it is important to immediately wipe away any water that sits or spills on or over the top to prevent it from running over the sides or front. Also, it is important that the vanity is installed leveled to prevent any chance of excess water running over the edge. We also suggest that due to some of our sinks being shallow, please keep your water pressure down on your pressure valves to prevent water from spilling all over top.

Polyester is a green, paper based, decorative laminate veneer. It consists of décor paper and woven cotton backer, that is impregnated with polyester resin and thermally infused under heat and high pressure. The result is a laminate that is an exact match to high and low pressure products, like melamine board from Tafisa, FB, and Uniboard. This engineered decorative laminate offers surface properties that are superior to that of other laminate products. Laminate is very robust, and performs similar to woodgrain TFM (melamine), as well as vertical grade High Pressure Laminate. Colours and finishes of Polyester make it nearly impossible to differentiate from real wood.

Bluvano offers both melamine cabinet doors as well as a small collection of Thermofoil options.

Our slab doors are 3/4 melamine with 2 mm edge tape. Our polyester doors are made in 5 pieces, mitered and wrapped all around.

  • Our doors will not fade, change color, peel, de-laminate due to moisture, humidity or sunlight.
  • Our doors will match consistently, even after doors have been replaced in years to come, no color variation

We ship all of our products across North America!

We don’t offer custom vanities but offer many different combinations to work with. Our bathroom cabinets have a standard height and depth, across various collections.

We don’t offer LED lights.

Filler strips are available at an extra charge.